Through the power of NFTs and the support of a strong community, 16-Bit Fight Club is producing a retro-aesthetic anime series that tells the stories of our OG characters, all taking place in our fictional metropolis known as PIXEL CITY.

A great deal of thought has gone into designing our characters, not just aesthetically, but also psychologically. ​

Every character has their own dynamic back-story and a distinctly unique personality.

Each has been designed to be likeable/loveable in their own special way, even in situations where they might not be perceived as the ‘good guy’.

Equally well thought-out are the diverse range of beautiful Pixel City environments that our characters inhabit.

The science-fiction-esque themes are relevant to today’s world, without stepping into murky political territory.

A playful sense of humour is used throughout to keep it light-hearted and fun.

And in staying true to the theme of the project, of course there are plenty of nostalgic references to 90s pop-culture and retro gaming scattered throughout.

The end result will prove to be an aesthetically glorious series of thought-provoking episodes, each detailing an individual character narrative featuring surprise cross-overs at moments where character narratives intersect.

With each character story told in sequence, the underlying mysteries of Pixel City are gradually revealed.

In development is a commission model that will allow all 16-Bit Fight Club NFT holders to receive a share of royalties generated through profits of the completed anime series.

In addition to assisting with production funding, the NFT component of 16-Bit Fight Club functions as a means of crowd-sourcing a passionate and lively fan-base that will assist the project in gaining momentum and mainstream adoption.

Our project roll-out has been designed to emphasise community engagement and interactive fun.

For the first two seasons of 16-Bit Fight Club, minting-rights to OG characters are awarded as prizes to active community members who win raffles, retro-gaming tournaments, drop-quizzes, auctions, and more.

(these minting events are fully detailed in our discord)

We want our OG holders to be actively involved in the growth and development of our project, so our model is designed to recognise and reward our most valuable contributors as genuine stakeholders.

As such, all OG holders become members of our exclusive “owners-council”, a place where each member can be involved in decisions regarding community events and external project initiatives as they arise.

We are also exploring the possibility of OG character holders being granted IP privileges to their individual character once a successful identifiable brand has been established around Pixel City & 16-Bit Fight Club.

This would allow OG characters to earn licensing revenues via a number of unique commercial opportunities. 

Eg. Brand ambassadors, social media campaigns, games, merchandising etc.

Our partnership with Framd means $FRMD tokens will be earned with every NFT minted, allowing all 16-Bit Fight Club holders to become a part of the exciting Framd rewards ecosystem.

16BFC is proud of this partnership and is dedicating 75% of our secondary sales commissions to the Framd treasury and $FRMD liquidity.

We aim to do everything in our power to ignite a positive feedback-loop of grass-roots enthusiasm, that will lead to greater success for the project, and in turn greater rewards for our community.

This project is ambitious.

It challenges the usual way of doing things.

Our success will mark a significant achievement for NFTs in popular culture, and will be held up as an example use-case for real-world NFT utility.

In addition, our success will shine a well-deserved spotlight on the incredible ICON community and ecosystem that our team has been involved in from the very beginning.

We are eager to welcome new community members who share in our vision!

There’s still 16 OG characters to come in season two, followed by our large season three mint early next year.

You can get involved in our project simply by joining our discord and saying hello. Link below!

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