16-Bit Fight Club is building Pixel City: a fictional universe designed around the core narrative of our 32 OG characters.

The identities of these main characters is gradually being revealed across our first two NFT seasons.

16 characters have already been revealed and minted throughout season one, with a further 16 now slowly emerging as we move through season two.

The 32 OG characters will then form the basis for our large generative collection, minting in season three.

To acquire one of these highly sought-after characters, minting rights to each OG is awarded as a prize to winners of various minting events such as lotteries, tournaments, drop-quizzes, and more.

By becoming an active member in our discord community, you’ll stay up to date with our minting events and ensure you have the best possible chance of securing an OG – so what are you waiting for?

Come join the family and say hello – we’d love to know who your favourite character is!

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